Every ten years, North Shore Community College undergoes an external comprehensive review of its regional accreditation by a team of peers. As part of the scheduled 2009 Review, an institutional self-study was conducted to serve as the basis for that review. At the conclusion of the process in June 2010, the College received notice from the Commission that it was granted continuing accreditation for the next ten years.

As is expected of all NECHE member institutions in mid-cycle, the College submitted its Fifth-Year Interim Report in August 2014 to update the Commission on progress since the 2009 Self-Study and in anticipation of the next Self-Study and Comprehensive Review scheduled for October 27-30, 2019.

All current documents of accreditation relevant to the process are available here for review:

In August 2014, North Shore Community College submitted a Substantive Change Request to establish a new instructional site to relocate its Cosmetology and Culinary Arts programs in Middleton. In accordance with Commission policies and procedures, establishing a new instructional site necessitates an evaluation visit from the Commission to ensure the site has been implemented in a manner consistent with its Standards for Accreditation. Upon acceptance, the site is then confirmed as an integral part of the institution's overall accreditation.

The College's Substantive Change request, update report, evaluator's report, and the Commission's January 2016 notice of acceptance for the Middleton Instructional Location are available here for review:

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