Type: Career, Certificate (C1)
Open Admissions
Division: Health And Human Services

The Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Certificate Program prepares students to develop and implement treatment care within a broad range of therapeutic prevention, intervention and treatment strategies that promote and inspire positive change in children, adolescents and their families.

Learner Outcomes

The student will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Establish therapeutic relationships with children, adolescents and their families that promote constructive change
  • Develop and utilize a variety of child/adolescent conflict resolution and problem solving techniques in a multitude of child and adolescent care environments
  • Understand developmental issues relevant to counseling children and adolescents and their families
  • Utilize effective oral and written communication practice that enhances the quality of treatment care with children and adolescents
  • Apply entry level family theory dynamics in providing and participating in community treatment and intervention planning
  • Identify child and adolescent risk factors associated with crisis prevention & intervention
  • Identify and attempt to meet the needs and goals of children, adolescents and their families by developing and implementing effective treatment intervention strategies
  • Demonstrate information and computer literacy in identifying treatment and professional resources that enhance client treatment planning and professional growth
  • Work effectively with ethnically, culturally, and socially diverse populations
  • Form respectful, professional, and collaborative relationships
  • Engage in ongoing self-assessment and self care to maintain attentiveness to professional competence
  • Move seamlessly into the Human Services Practitioner Associate Degree Program
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