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Community Partnerships

NSCC's Economic Impact

According to the latest Economic Impact study (FY2007), NSCC had a $129.7m impact throughout Massachusetts and $94.3m impact on the regional economy.

In FY2007, NSCC employed 416 full-time workers and 583 part-time employees, 81% resided in Essex County, producing a $28.2m payroll.

In FY2007, NSCC spent approximately $12m on purchases of good, services and construction, including about $1.4m with vendors located in Essex County.

In addition to the people NSCC employs directly, the institution also generates jobs through the purchase of goods and services from local and state businesses, student spending and through investments in construction. The total employment impact in Essex County in FY2007 was 1099 FTE jobs and 1445 FTE jobs in Massachusetts.


The Call to Civically Engage (pdf)
By NSCC President Wayne Burton (Salem News April 2004).


North Shore Community College has a rich and long-standing history of partnering with business and community organizations throughout the North Shore area.

Through academic programming, service-learning, K-12 collaborations, and community partnerships, North Shore Community College has actively put into practice a Mission Statement that defines the college as a "regional leader for social and economic change."

Notable Partnerships

Southern Essex Workforce Investment Board (SEWIB)
NSCC partners with business through direct links to the Southern Essex Workforce Investment Board (SEWIB), the North Shore Chamber of Commerce, the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce, and over 28 regional Advisory Boards connected to NSCC career and technical programs.

Building Essential Skills through Training (BEST)
NSCC, SEWIB, and local employers have implemented the BEST (Building Essential Skills through Training) initiative that supports unemployed youth seeking to enter jobs in the building trades.

NSCC's Service-Learning program involves over 400 students each year, 50 faculty, and, since 2001, North Shore Community College students have provided over 12,000 hours of service to more than 300 community-based organizations.

Community Minority Cultural Center & Verizon
NSCC partners with the Community Minority Cultural Center and Verizon to provide science and math training to Lynn area minority students.

North Shore Long Term Care LPN Alliance
A collaboration of NSCC with the North Shore Long Term Care LPN Alliance has designed and delivered an extended LPN program to participant employees through a career ladder initiative.

Lynn Public Schools
Working with Lynn Public Schools, NSCC has implemented a program designed to aid professional development and skills for paraprofessionals currently working in Lynn classrooms.

NSCC-hosted Events

North Shore Community College has become a host site for community, business, and service events:

  • Forums on Homelessness (2004) and Poverty (2005)
  • Women in Business/Lynn Daily Item Annual Forum and Awards Luncheon
  • Operation Bootstrap Graduation
  • Annual NSCC Forum on Tolerance
  • Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce Job Fairs
  • Essex County District Attorney's Office Training Workshops
  • Essex National Heritage Commission Conference
  • Martin Luther King Annual CMCC Breakfast
  • Commonwealth Legislative Seminar
  • Lynn Violence Prevention Week of events
  • North Shore Housing Trust Home at Last Forum

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