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Adding Printing Credits to Your Account

In keeping with the college’s commitment to being "Green," North Shore Community College utilizes a print management system across its campuses with the goal of reducing the amount of unnecessary paper waste in our academic spaces. A pay-for-print policy is in effect in the libraries, open computer labs and computer classrooms.

Student Free Printing Allotments Each Semester:

Students who run out of free printing credits and who are experiencing financial hardships can apply for additional aid by filling out this form.

Adding Credits to Your Account:

  • If you have a campus pipeline username and password – enter that information at the "WebDeposit" login screen.
  • If you do not have a Campus Pipeline username and password click the "Create Account" link below the “Login” button on the WebDeposit login page.
  • There is a $3.00 minimum on credit card transactions and there are no refunds for unused printing credits.


  • .10 cents per B&W page (single or double sided)
  • .25 cents per color page (single sided)

Printing from a Workstation:
Each time a print job is sent to a printer within a computer classroom, computer lab or library a popup window appears and displays your current "Free Quota" and "Balance." You are then required to enter your NSCC username and password (or the username and password you created manually if you do not have a Pipeline account.) After entering your username and password the print request is fulfilled and your printing account is automatically updated.

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