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North Shore Community College

NSCC's Wireless Network

The North Shore Community College wireless network is comprised of over 150 secure wireless access points that provide coverage to nearly every part of NSCC’s three campuses.

Our wireless network provides a secure internet connection for a range of devices including tablets, smart phones and laptops.

In addition to having to connect to the network via a shared password, our network also requires users to authenticate via their campus Pipeline username and password. This extra level of authentication provides added security to our wireless network and allows the college to provide access to various network systems based on whether the user is a guest, student or employee.

Students and employees at NSCC have unfiltered access to the internet to allow for the freedom of academic pursuits. “Guests” who do not have a Campus Pipeline account are allowed content filtered access to the web. Gambling and adult sites are among the types of content that are filtered for guests.

Instructions to Access the Wireless Network

  • The NSCC wireless network name is NSCCwireless
  • The network password is: northshore
  • The network password is NOT your Pipeline password
Windows Laptop example
Network security key example for Windows laptop
iPad example
Network security key example for ipad

Having connected to the network you are now ready to authenticate to the network with your Campus Pipeline Credentials.

  1. Open up a web browser and load any page – at this point the wireless login page will display. (If the login page does not display right away, try navigating to a different web page.)
  2. Registered users must enter their Campus Pipeline credentials; Guest users should click on the Guest Login button.
  3. You must also check the "agree to terms of service" button prior to selecting the login button
  4. Click the "Log In" button.

Registered Users
Login example for registered users

Guest Users
Login example for guest users

It takes between 15-20 seconds for your device to authenticate to the wireless network once you’ve clicked "Log In".